Ciao ! I’m Fabiola, 28 years old Italian girl, from Livorno. Nobody knows Livorno so I always have to say “Do you know Pisa? Where there is the tower.. and then I move in a diagonal way because I never remember how to say in English “pendente” (now I checked it, Leaning Tower of Pisa). Anyway, Livorno is 15 minutes by train from Pisa. I studied in Pisa, but I prefer to forget my 6 years and a half in the faculty of law. At least I got my Master degree.

Anyway, now my life is going to be more interesting, I am in my third experience in Spain. The first one was an Erasmus traineeship, in Cartagena, I worked in the International office of the University in the administrative process of Erasmus outgoing, it was really cool. Then the second one was a Master degree in Economic Development and International Cooperation at the University of Murcia, where I met amazing people and extraordinary professors.

Finally, in September of this year, I started my EVS at the NGO Proyecto Abraham for the social inclusion. To be honest, It wasn’t my first choice for my EVS, indeed I wanted to do something linked with international cooperation, I had found an organization unluckily they didn’t receive the economic support because their project was rejected by the Nacional Agency. So I had two options: one, to abandon the idea of doing an EVS, or two, choose another project. Of course, I decided on the second option. In my case, for the reason that I was already in the city of my future EVS, I knew before the receiving association and secondly the coordinating association, only for the last my sending organization.

As my first approach to Proyecto Abraham, I'm very happy with the activities I do- I have a multi-task schedule. Every day there is something different. 

On Mondays, I’m supporting the trainer in the course of basic skills (self-confidence and motivation) for people at risk of social exclusion. On Mondays afternoon I’m helping a teacher with afterschool activities with children of 10-11 and 12 years old (Hopefully not in Math I realize that I don’t remember something like 80=1).
On Tuesdays, I’m helping another trainer to teach informatics to mental disease unemployed people.

On Wednesdays, it’s the time of the training about soft skills and how to write a presentation letter and a good CV. 

On Thursdays, I manage the classification of toys donated to Proyecto Abraham. Those toys are going to be sent to the children of families followed by social services in all the region of Murcia. We are organizing that for the day of the three wise men (in Spain they are carrying gifts, is not Santa Claus). On Thursdays afternoon I go to Cartagena to help the teacher in the after-school activities with children. 
On Fridays I help with the Bank of Aliments, we go to Carrefour supermarket and we save fruits, vegetables and bread, that would be thrown away and then we divide what we get to the families (they are always families followed by social services). For now, these are the activities that I carry out and I'm super enthusiastic about what I'm doing.

When the weekend comes, of course, it’s FIESTA, BARRES, CUBATAS, CERVEZA, AMIGOS!


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