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12 things that surprise me in Spain by Monika

You can think that cultural differences is only a myth, which you can't notice in everyday life. Well, no. Living in Spain, some things don't stop surprising me, sometimes make me laugh, and what I like the most – I can discover new ones every day. So I created a list of things that caught my attention in some way.

1)Tio/ Tia

Language differences are something that I love to discover the most. You can quickly see certain phrases which Spaniards like to use. They call to each other „tio / tia” (depends of gender), which simply means „uncle / aunt”. Young people use it, middle-aged, kids - I think I didn't notice that only with old people.

2)Guapo / Guapa

It's another very common phrase, meaning „handsome, pretty”. You can hear it veeery often, from friends who want to say hi (hola guapa), from a shop-assistant, even with confirming the appointment with an orthodontist, when I got an official sms with a reminder and a request to confirm the visit, I confirmed and I got …

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