Italian Mafia

“Politics and mafia are two powers that live on the control of the same territory: either they make war or they agree.” PAOLO BORSELLINO

“For a long time, mafia and mafia mentality, the mafia as an illegal organization and the mafia have been confused as a simple way of being. What a mistake! You can very well have a mafia mentality without being a criminal.” GIOVANNI FALCONE

I would like to express a theme dear to me by means of two songs and some sentences of two of the most important magistrates FALCONE and BORSELLINO the main protagonists in the fight against mafia. The first song is called "think (PENSA)" already you have to think before committing crimes like that kill 5000 people (including children) by means of explosions 90 kilograms of explosives like Semtex-H.The second one is called “cuore”(heart) in fact many families have lost parts of their hearts because of the actions taken by the mafia, because of the state that has not given way to change one of the major phenomena full of crime.

Fortunately, in recent years the mafia is undergoing a metamorphosis because it is less bloody, but always tries to follow the principle of its shameless violence.

As Falcone says, It is a human fact and the destiny of the human facts is start, grow up and finish.


There were men who wrote pages
Notes of a life of inestimable value
Inescapable because they denounced
the most corrupt of systems too often ignored
Men or angels sent to earth to fight a war
of famine and of families scattered like so many marbles
on a blood island that is among many wonders
between lemons and between shells ... massacring sons and daughters
of a generation forced to not look
to speak loudly to turn off the light
to comment in peace every bullet in the air
every cadaver in a ditch
There were men step by step
they left a sign with courage and commitment
with dedication to an organized institution


La cosa nostra, or mafia, has secular origins and traditions and has played an important role in the history of Italy, before and after the unity of the country.

A hypothesis is that of the arabic vocable mahya, 'bravuconería, jactancia, chulería'.

Organizations that have been active for centuries are the Camorra, the 'ndrangheta' (the cosmopolitan calabrés from the greek vocabulary, andragathia, formada por ἀνδρ, 'hombría, coraje' y αγαθία, 'virtud, bondad') and the Sacra Corona Unita (Apulia).


The boys do not believe in a word
of what the school teaches today.
The boys are afraid of any proposal
they are not looking for any answer,
but done, justice, moral rigor
by those wearing this boot.
The boys have the time to hold them hostage,
but from today they have decided to be courageous
because there is no other massacre in May,
to go out requires culture and courage
peace culture, courage of war,
the courage to live on this earth
and to win here our battle,
because when in the world we talk about Italy
not just the mafia, the mafiosi,
because today it is for this reason that we are famous,
but Italy is also another,
people shout at him:
the guys are ready to win the challenge.


Article by: Marilisa Russo
Photo by: Jordan Andrews on Unsplash


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