Documents for visa of non-European citizen for EVS by Anna

So what I actually needed to apply for the visa of Spain in Ukraine were documents, that are usually listed on their official website. My visa is type D for Studies, it's written in the description of eligibility, because exactly that Visa type includes non-formal education mobilities.

I needed such documents as criminal and medical papers that said that I'm healthy and don't have any problems with the laws in my country. It takes time to make them, so as soon as you're approved for the project- start making them first. Later on, you'll have to translate them and stamp translations with apostille, so it also takes time.

The greatest thing is to have your Volunteering agreement as fast as it's possible because it includes three other papers that you'll need for the visa- information about your address, financial support and contract information that proves your status as a volunteer for a specific organization. My favorite thing about EVS is that the amount of money that you receive is more than enough for your stay in the country, so feel free to prove that in the embassy- this amount was calculated by really smart people from European Commission for a reason. 

But more about the documents- except the Volunteering contract, you may ask your receiving organization to send you print out about your project and responsibilities, EVS itself, and most important thing- invitation letter in a language of the country that you go to. (check the dates really carefully-visa may be denied only because one number is wrong). One more useful thing- it could be a paper about language courses you may attend if it's provided in a project.

Give them as many papers, as you can, because otherwise, you'll have to find them during the application process itself and believe me, it's a hell.

And after all this stressful situation- one more important thing. Call them if you're not sure about something, if you have a doubt, if you're not informed enough. Contact them for every thing you're insecure about, because you'll be at least a bit,but in control of the result, you'll be more aware of what is happening with your application.

Hope that it clarified few questions of curious non-European citizens that have concerns about any type of visa process and next time I'll tell more about the project flow and EVS schedules.

Hugs from Spain:)


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