Living a Wild Life

This post is all about the living in Spain. This is a video of our city of stay and home-Murcia. It will give you wider image of the place where are we now.

And now I can proceed with "Living La Vida Loca" and it's concept.

In "Times" article you may see a small extract with title "Livin' la vida loca" that looks like that :

"Lolita closes at 4:30 a.m., so we had an early night," said a fan of one of Madrids' most fashionable bars recently. Visitors to the Spanish capital soon realise that the locals survive on very little sleep and keep very late hours. 

It is not unusual to sit down to lunch at 4 p.m. or dinner at 11 p.m. All of which makes the Spanish fondness for tapas a boon to visitors needing some tasty snacks to tide them over to the next meal."

Seems that that's it-Spanish people party a lot,stay out late, spend a lot of time in the bars and clubs, consume well-known tapas and night is never ending. 

But it's just a top of the iceberg, there's way more below. One of our friends, amazingly outgoing and charming guy from Valencia describes his city and it's life with those two phrases: "Why not?" and "Who cares?".

But what does it really mean? These questions are not a questions of some careless personality,it's a question rather to everyone who comes to Spain without knowing the mentality of the country. Here no one will care what you wear, no one will pay attention on how you behave-if you're loud on the street or if you stand with your feet on the bench. No one will really get into deep judgement based on the appearance or your lifestyle.Moreover-schools are doing their best to create the most easy-going environment for Spanish since very childhood. No school uniform, too strong restrictions in a classroom, class can contain people with a completely different backgrounds and cultures.It's so common for them to have a new person every year, and this person could be a foreigner from any country-Italy, Germany, Morocco, France and way more.Spain absorbs every culture and don't take it as "wrong". Same with every personality that comes to live in this country.

So coming back to "living La Vida Loca"- there's no limits that you can cross to be called crazy, in fact-it is Spanish mindset. You can be whomever you want to and you still will be accepted with no special attitude toward you. Someone can say "they don't care",but it's different.Spanish people live their life and let others to live it the way they want to.

And Spain gives you this amazing lessons to take care about yourself, make yourself happy on your own. Because no one can really know what you need better than you do. And if everyone would be happy with themselves-they can make others happy the same way.

There are dozens of amazing things you may figure out about yourself living that "la vida loca" that has no restrictions toward whom you have to be. And if to think about it-won't we all love to be a bit "vida loca" people then?


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