V.I.S.I.O.N. by Anna

¡Hola tod@s!

It's V.I.S.I.O.N. time!
"Volunteering Is Something Inside Our New-Selves" is mine and Georgia's project in an NGO "Asociacion cultural Euroaccion" that lasts 11 months here in Murcia, Spain.

Within those 1,5 months, we're helping to manage four projects each, creating logotypes, managing online pages and help with designs. And as you can see- every week we update the blog with articles about our gained experiences that will help you to understand the essence of EVS from different angles.

Except this, we work on local workshops called "Caliope": https://www.smore.com/ah0w9-cal-ope.
These workshops will help teachers and youth workers to improve their skills and develop their practices to a new level.

As representers of EVS (European Volunteering Service), we make presentations in universities and also hold some activities there. Promotion of EVS for locals is one of the main goals for us, that's why we invent a lot of different ways to do that.

Except for administrative and management stuff, we are going to El Palmar every Friday for support of Icaro project- education for children in a social exclusion danger, where we spend 3 hours, with mothers of the children first and then with children themselves. All these families moved to Spain from Morocco and now try to become a part of Spanish society and give proper education to their children. Here's a school that we go to↓

We also manage Linguistic exchange: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScyihX0S-gg6S7YFOm2i1PkpF9Eoh9RRbtZpucZ_ukCxDIoEQ/viewform.
Everyone from Murcia, Spain, can register and practice their languages, or even learn a new one:)

But the most important and beloved one of ours is submitting our own youth exchange project that we're working on at the moment. This is the space for all our creativity and passion to go out and we really hope that our favourite Chanchi (on the rights of promotion) will approve that with people from National Agency😃

Sure we have more tasks every week, we can help with writing articles one day and record video promotion next day, but nothing is hard when you're surrounded by people whom you trust and feel comfortable with.

Yeah, and here we are with Georgia working hard, as you see.

Our life is now filled with meeting with other volunteers from the city, trips to different locations and amazing dinners with people whom we love as a new family. Maybe it was not meant to be a part of our EVS project, but it is now and we're extremely happy about that.

Here are some pictures of us in different places, the only one I've found, maybe next time I'll find more:)
You can read more about our project here: https://www.smore.com/jv55k-evs-in-euroaccion.

And about our organization here: http://www.euroaccion.com/

You always can follow the blog to get updates on our projects flow or follow posts of our organization on Facebook to know about more articles coming.

Hasta luego!:)


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