Everything started when a small and restless teenager named Marilisa Russo (now fortunately almost an adult as she is 27 years old!) discovered the tourist village world where she started to dance merengue, bachata, salsa and chachachá. After that discovery, she became madly in love with the Spanish language and began to discover the Spanish culture.

In the following year, she felt that through her veins was already moving a part of her new passion for the Spanish and Latin culture. Her grandparents lived in Argentina and Venezuela for a long time, and her father was born there. In fact, her father brought with him all the marvellous pieces of that country. Pieces and emotions that are actually unknown to her, but that she would absolutely love to discover!!

From that moment she started to be interested in the Hispanic/Latin culture and decided to send four different applications: to Barcelona, to Barranquilla, to Madrid and to Murcia. In case of Murcia, it would be the second time, as she went the previous year for making a training course focused on contemporary dance.

"All adventures can be fun and constructive. Finally, the recall, which I strongly feel and particularly at this time for this land, will be able to reconcile to what belongs to my origins, my beginnings. I will never cease to thank you for having inherited mysteriously and viscerally how much more passionate to exist in the world: love for life and Latin rhythms. Love always triumphs over everything and you continue to show me this incessantly, despite your absence.

In what is missing, there is always a presence. Now, I just have to imagine you dancing a marvellous tango ... "


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