Hey there!

It`s a pleasure to meet you all-I'm Anna and this is my introduction.

I was born in Kyiv-capital of the incredibly beautiful country called Ukraine. Just in case if you don`t really know where is Ukraine-here it is            ↙

First of all-it's really cold there. Most of the time, even in spring sometimes. Highest temperature may be 30° by Celsium in summer and lowest... You won't like to hear this number, but it was -15° this winter, felt like -20° though.That's why we have a lot of different winter clothes and collections of funny hats in animal style.

Spain seems like a small fairytale for me now-it's so warm even in November, that sometimes I forget about that it's actually autumn here. And I love it.
Moreover-it feels like winter will never come.But we'll see because my life journey brought me to this place for 10 months and who knows, maybe winter decided to follow me here.

I'm 19 years old, despite what I already finished 2 years of studies in the university, organized two social projects on my own and been accepted for the amazing EVS project in Murcia, Spain.

I may dare to say that it was my craziest dream, I would have never thought of coming here for real. But now I'm here and I need to find a new crazy dream, as it seems.Would be cool to hear some suggestions from you all, but I'll continue introduction the way it should be.

My project is called V.I.S.I.O.N. and it runs in NGO "Asociación Cultural Euroaccion Murcia". It's 10 minutes away from my house and that's why I can always go and grab some snacks when I'll need. Joking, I can have them here as well.

But I will share what I do here later on because it's always better to show rather than just talk. Here I will tell you about how did I get here.

It all began in Ukraine, I went for an amazing project of Erasmus+ in Turkey and have met my future sending coordinator- Nika. I think that luck just smiled into my face when I met her because three months after exactly this adorable person contacted me via e-mail. At this moment I was searching for the most suitable for me EVS project for a year already. It's always hard to find the perfect one, cause it doesn't really depend on the country, I wanted to make something that I really like, but also learn something new. So, her e-mail contained a profile of V.I.S.I.O.N. project in Spain.

There wasn't a moment when I have been hit by the thunder and nymphs sang in a chorus, but I liked it on some deep level of accepted rules of destiny game.And the voice in my head said: "Let's try".You won't even believe how many things happened after this exact moment.

Interview, where I was not really able to hear the person on the opposite side, work in the summer camp, heartbreaks and friendship drama, university beginning and me, running on the street to the Spanish embassy to give them documents that they didn't accept at the first time.

After two months of walking on the edge without being sure in anything I received my plane ticket and didn't talk to anyone for two days.I was exhausted, lost and insecure, nothing felt the right way.So I arranged everything with the university and finally made it- came to the airport with my family and best friend that was also making a huge step into the Unknown.

And now it's my first month in Spain. Sun, interesting work and new people. Few things did happen, but more is yet to come.

With all of this, I just want to say that it's never too late to try and it's never a shame to lose. But it's obligatory to use your chance and step out of the comfort zone, otherwise, you won't live your life but just follow the circumstances.

This is where my story begins.


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